Artistic Development


TAP (Transform, Aspire, Provide), offers support and assistance to help development and growth in the arts and creative industries across the district.  The scheme is divided into a number of levels, providing a ‘ladder of opportunity’ for everybody from fledgling artists and new businesses to established practitioners and arts organisations. TAP grants enable applicants to build and develop their practices to become self-sustaining, and/or to provide the opportunity to secure additional funding for future projects via other arts, charitable or commercial organisations.

TAP into Cash
We offer funding for R&D and Project costs. You must work and/or live in the district to apply for this fund.

TAP into Creativity
Thematic creative commissions open to established artists.

Strategic Delivery Partners
This is the ‘backbone’ of Canterbury City Council’s support program, and represents long term financial commitment over 3 years for established arts organisations who are committed to helping to achieve our cultural policy priorities.

Our current key strategic partners are: