Public art

Canterbury City Council encourages and enables public art commissioning, seeing it as:

  • a key component in cultural development and cultural provision within the District, and
  • a vital part of a high quality public realm.

Public Art contributes to 2 of the 7 aims in the Council’s corporate plan:
Creating a quality district  – including Developing an attractive and safe environment through our own efforts and acting as a catalyst to encourage others to provide high quality facilities” and

Promoting participation in culture, leisure and play by all” – including improving “the cultural offer for residents and create a high quality visitor experience” With an action to “Ensure public art interventions integrated into public realm improvements and new developments”

Public Art in the pipeline:

Summary Policy

Canterbury City Council will encourage and enable high quality, site-specific public art commissioning which follows best practice in all appropriate locations throughout the District.  Wherever possible and practical, public art commissions should involve the local community – the people who live, work and play in the area where the commission will take place.

Public Art Leaflet


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