Kingsbrook Park

This public art was commissioned by Canterbury City Council and will enable the local community to relax and enjoy a day’s fishing.

Berkeley Homes, David Wood Architects, Canterbury City Council Planning, Landscape and Design Officer and the Culture & Enterprise department have been involved in all stages of the commissioning of the work, from short listing to final selection and implementation.

Angus Ross, who was selected for the commission from a long list of 12 artists commented :

“I wanted to create a series of sculptures that are not only visually stimulating but have a practical purpose for local fishermen.  The final design incorporates the views of local fishermen and the inspiration of the water as it splashes against the river bed to form the shape of the design features.  The planks rise up and out to form the bench and include a tube to fit a fishing umbrella.”

Councillor Anne Taylor, portfolio holder for Culture said:

” The design, construction and materials used in the Fishing Platforms blend in with the river surroundings and mean that they form a peaceful oasis in the vibrant and busy City of Canterbury”.

Attached are the technical drawings.
Platform number 1
Platform number 2
Platform number 3
Platform number 4

You can watch the fishing platforms being made here