The Tannery

Bellway Homes, Clagues Architects, CCC Planning Dept, CCC Conservation Dept and CCC Culture & Enterprise Dept have been involved in all stages of the commissioning of this work, from short listing to final selection and implementation. The selected artist Katayoun Dowlatshahi worked closely with the developers and architects through all stages of the design.

Katayoun developed and researched her design ideas further by consulting with former employees and with the family that had owned  The Tannery.

“When forming proposals for public commissions I allow the nature and history of a site to inform the art work; Canterbury was no exception. The industrial context of St. Mildred’s Tannery was central to my research and during this period I spent time in the Cathedral Archives and met Mr. Stephen Williamson whose family purchased the Tannery in 1879, having founded the business of 4 Sun Street in 1791”.

The Tannery Development sits within 2 minutes walk of the main city centre. “Chrome Blue” is fully accessible to members of the public as it is situated within a housing development. The artwork is located in a central focal point of the development – Tannery Square as well as centrally in the City. The building will be accessible to all members of the public, not just residents and is sited next to a bridge that allows pedestrian access over the river Stour and to the centre of the city.

Photos below showing the making and installation of the glass: